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Summary of 2010-2011 Activities

Last year, we completed service projects for our Stanwood Library. We cleaned children's books in the library and set them back on the shelves free of grit and grime. We created and stocked two Project Boxes for patrons to use while working in our library. We gathered and cut out pictures for our children's librarian to use in her summer reading program. We held the biggest Used Book Sale ever for our community and raised over $3000 for our library's improvement and programming. We sponsored and contributed to the Together We Read Program and brought Jamie Ford, author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, to speak to our high school writing students and deliver a most enjoyable evening presentation to our reading community. We purchased a defibrillator to hang in our library to restart heart functioning when needed. We also began what may become a yearly event, our Poetry Slam, entitled Slamwood. We gave a $1000 scholarship to a deserving graduate, as well. Great things were accomplished, created and sponsored by the Friends of the Library in Stanwood last year.

This Year's Focus

Each year our Friends of the Library devotes much time, energy and enthusiasm to make our time together meaningful. We work diligently as library advocates. This year we hope to continue our mission of bringing educational and cultural experiences for members and the public. We are going to spotlight special holidays and events at each meeting. We will invite speakers to add that interesting spark to our meetings which will encourage discussion. Remember, our meetings are open to the public and patrons are encouraged to come and see what we do. Membership information is always available at the Stanwood Library.

Income Sources & Membership Dues:

Our yearly dues are collected each September as well as at each meeting throughout the year. Our main sources of income are twofold: the Ongoing Used Book Sale in the corner of the library to the right of the front door entrance and the Annual Springtime Book Sale held during May. Memorials and gifts to the Library are also encouraged.

Seniors (over 60)$1.00
Patron/Life Member$100.00

Monthly Calendar of Meetings

Stanwood/Camano Friends of the Library
Calendar for 2011-2012

All meetings will be held in the Stanwood Library Community Room at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

August 30 Board Meeting
   New Directors/Calendar Set
September 13 Business Meeting
October 11 Program: Multiple Local Authors to Speak
November 8 Business Meeting
December 13 Holiday Luncheon
   Lost Lake Club at Noon
   Guest Artist Presentation
January 10 Business Meeting
February 14 Business Meeting
March 13 Program: Community Leader
April 10 Poetry Slam "Slamwood"
May 7-11 Book Sale Set Up
May 11-12 Community Used Book Sale
June 12 Scholarship Luncheon at Noon
   Lost Lake Club House

Quarterly Highlights:


As we start another year as library advocates, we bring on board our new officers and an exciting calendar of events. At our meeting, Sept. 13, we will discuss our by-laws and set goals for the new calendar year based on our projected income. We will hear a report from our managing librarian about the Summer Reading Program. We will also pack and send boxes of paperback books to a local soldier serving in the military. We will celebrate some unusual special events during the meeting which is sure to bring smiles and laughter to all those in attendance.


The meeting this month, Oct. 11, will give our attendees a chance to hear from three local authors: Mary Trimble, Dr. Norm Wilson and Jacquie Rogers. They will present a panel discussion to entice our community to delve deeper into reading about such topics as shamanism, Peace Corp service and frontier life. The special holiday this month will be the celebration of National Chocolate Day. Refreshments will be served.


This month's meeting will be a regular business meeting with information about programs which our library offers to people between the ages of birth to 18. What are the latest book recommendations for young readers? What will the door prize be this month?


A luscious potluck was held at Lost Lake Community Clubhouse. Children's Librarian from Stanwood Library, Vickie, presented an adorable puppet show which was enjoyed by our adult and children audience members.